Why you should choose a ‘BIONIZER’ WATER DISPENSER

  • Biotech Filtration Sdn.Bhd. has been recognized by various organizations and approval by the government bodies.
  • Bionizer offers a wide range of water dispenser and filtration products to suit users ranging from small household to large industries.
  • Bionizer has a network of suppliers, both local and foreign, to assist us in distributing only good quality and value for money water filtration products.
  • Bionizer emphasis in diligent after sales service support. We do not provide lip service in this area. We put affords to invest in quality personnel with the right training and expertise to make sure customers receive excellent services.
  • Our technician have years of experience to provide proper recommendation & consultation on technical uprising matters.
  • Bionizer water filtration products comes with from minimum 1-10 years warranty depending on the products. At the same time we undertake to replace your unit with no additional cost if it is found to be faulty or defective.
  • We tailor our maintenance schedule according to customer needs. Our standards servicing schedule is usually of 2-3 months interval to ensure that your water dispenser are in good working condition and receive the optimum level of service.
  • Since inception, Bionizer has not imposed any extra charges for transportation and installation works except for those already agreed upon with our client at the time of purchase.
  • Bionizer low pricing guarantees you with high quality products. You can get a similar quality reliable water filtration products cheaper compared to other supplier. View to believe!!!